Logical Framework

1. Establishing Happiness and Wellbeing Centres at the colleges of RUB A unique Counseling Centre; which will embody the hybrid of western counselling principles, and Bhutanese concept of Gross National Happiness; will be established at all the Colleges of RUB. Every college (ten) under RUB will have a full fledge happiness and wellbeing center, which will cater services such as counselling, career counselling, academic support, and identity lab. Validation of presence of centers through report, survey, pictures, videos, websites, and research paper.

The individual colleges may not provide strong commitment towards achieving the project goal.

In the beginning, the colleges may show some reluctance in sharing the project ownership.

The colleges may have some other ongoing initiatives related with the counselling and wellbeing.

2) Training potential counselors.

The centres will serve as a hub to anchor the project, and other counselling centre across RUB.

The centre will be a knowledge base for counselling & wellbeing in Bhutanese education system.

The centre will also address the sustainability of the project outcome. .

A centre with definite working framework, board members, members, objectives, etc will be established. Publishing new letters, journal, and report. The resources will be registered with the centre.
3) Developing career counselling, academic support, and research as the thematic areas of the centres. The centers will have career lab, which will include career library, career information, and evident based identity forming sections. There will be physical space dedicated for career library, identity lab, and information center.
Report, individual interviews, survey, and research paper.

Book catalogue, and visitors log.

Some of the colleges may not have enough space or location suitable under counselling centre to accommodate the plan.

The colleges already have lots of self-help books, and carreer related information in their libaries.

4) Development of a digital platform and App. A virtual platform, and an app that can be used within the RUB centers, external agencies, and European Counselling Centres will be developed.
All the centres will actively participate in digital platform. The platform will be linked with websites of individual colleges.

The app will be used as a means to reach out to the students.5) Developing resources in the centres

5) Developing resources in the centres The centers will be equipped with essential resources to support in the successful implementation of centre activities related to education, training and research.
Every center will have at least four laptops, three projectors, a printer, a desktop, a music system, creative art materials, traditional Bhutanese materials, and books.

The total purchase for individual colleges can go up to Nu. 1 million.

Inventory of the individual colleges, reports, and surveys.
The individual colleges have to provide the basic funiture required for centres. This is because purchase of funiture is listed as ineligible cost in the project fund.

The colleges will have unused funiture which can be used for the centres.

6) Development of training manual The team members will develop course pack for training the potential counselors. The content of course pack will be divided into three main levels. A document (in form of ppt, forms, and book) will be developed. The manual will be sent to the external evaluator (certified body) before the final endorsement.
To include the aspect of  Bhutanese cultural, and tradition  in the training manual will be a challenge.

The individual

colleges and counsellor will store the training manual for future reference.

7) Training of potential counselors and centre managers There will be sufficient number of trained personnel at Royal University of Bhutan to efficiently run the centers There will be at least twenty trained counselors, and managers in RUB Report, individual interview, group sessions, progress report, certification, and registration.
Some of the colleges may not have any potential candidate to groom as a counsellor, and center manager.

Most of the colleges have full time resident coordinators, who can be trained into a counsellor.


i. development of working framework for counselling centres

 ii. Development of ethical code of conduct for counsellors in the centres


The team members, and representative from relevant stakeholders (BBCC, MoH, MoE, Law) will come together to develop the documents.

These two documents will function as a guiding standard for both the centres, and counselors under RUB.

A document (in the form of book) will be developed. The RUB academic board will endorse the documents. The documents should maintain the rigor and standard required for the endorsement by the academic board.
9) Collaboration and capacity building of the agencies providing counselling and social services
The project will enhance skills and knowledge of individuals working in the field of counseling, and social services.

The individuals will be from NGOs, government agencies, and private sectors.

The participants will be invited for relevant training and courses when team members from EU visit Bhutan. And during the other times. A separate record will be maintained for this outreach programme.