About the institute

Maiêutica is the founding body of University Institute of Maia – ISMAI, and Polytechnic Institute of Maia – IPMaia, a private non-profit HEI located in Maia, near Porto. The university campus occupies an area of 70,000m2 and provides students with excellent infrastructures and leading-edge technological equipment.

ISMAI is the 2nd largest private HEI in Portugal. It has more than 250 academic staff members and 4,000 students, and offers a wide range of 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle programmes in the fields of Social and Behavioural Sciences, Business Sciences, Physical Education and Sports Sciences, Communication Sciences and Information Technologies. On the international level, ISMAI has cooperation agreements with about 150 organizations (HEIs, companies, foreign ministries and municipalities) in more than 30 countries in Europe, Africa and America. ISMAI’s students and staff members (academic and non-academic) are encouraged to participate in mobility exchange programmes and international projects.

Website: https://www.ismai.pt/pt

Role in the Project

Jointly with the other EU university partners, ISMAI will support the establishment of a students’ service centre at Royal University of Bhutan (project coordinator). ISMAI will actively collaborate in all project activities. More specifically, ISMAI’s contribution will focus on developing a solid career guidance methodology, as part of the broader objectives of the project of implementing a network of counseling services in all the educational institutions associated with the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB), based on the more advanced and validated career guidance models.

Using the accumulated knowledge from research and practice on the fields of education, vocational and work psychology and business management, we aim to help enhance educators, counselors and teachers’ entrepreneurship and innovation skills in order to achieve a positive impact on students’ life, helping them to develop career/life projects, through the creation of new businesses and jobs with societal sustainability (economic, social, ecological, and psychological). Starting at the university campus, and through the enhancement, empowerment and specialization of counselors, the project will develop among students and future professional, their individual marketing skills and employee branding by encouraging and teaching how to elaborate a CV (written or videotaped), search job offers, attend at an individual or group selection interview, among other skills.

Additionally, ISMAI will develop, in accordance with the other partners, a digital platform to support all the information gathered for and generated by the project, and creating a dynamic and accessible network of contacts, linking all the counselling centres of the project. This platform fulfills a triple role: a) as a repository for all the methodological and technical information; b) as a way to facilitate the communication between conselling centres in colleges, university and counselors, thus improving their efficiency; and c) as a vehicle of external supervision (and update) of the outputs of the project, by facilitating the link with EU partners during the project and, more importantly, beyond the end of the present project.

Team Members

Francisco Machado

João Carvalho

Alberto Pinto

Claudia Azevedo

Jaime Fins