The colleges of the Royal University of Bhutan (RUB) have always aspired to enrich the quality of students’ outcome and behavior while in college and upon graduation. However, creating an enabling and inclusive environment for students’ development through an effective student support system, in terms of services and facilities, is one of the major challenges faced by the RUB today. Therefore, the project aims to establish a counselling service centre at all the colleges in the Royal University of Bhutan though capacity building of the individual colleges catered in assistance from the Universities from programme countries. By the end of the project, a unique Counselling Centre will be established at all the RUB colleges. These counselling centers will embody the hybrid of western counselling principles, and Bhutanese concept of Gross National Happiness. There will be sufficient number of trained personnel at Royal University of Bhutan to efficiently run the counselling service centre. The counselling centres will be interconnected amongst them. They will be linked with relevant agencies in Bhutan.  These will be achieved through specific digital platform. This project will significantly, and positively, impact students studying at Royal University of Bhutan. The counselling centers will be able to cater services to the member of local community in the long run. This project has the scope to address unemployment (Bhutanese national issue) through career counselling unit.